I had the lovely opportunity while shooting for The Pearl to meet and capture the wonderful Scarlet Chamberlin, of Scarlet Chamberlin Styling Co. She is a personal stylist, jewelry designer, and an overall badass boss lady. Some of her clients you may have seen walking down red carpets at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, or stepping on stage at TED conferences, but many of her clients come from all walks of life. She also was named Portland's Best Wardrobe Stylist by the Portland Fashion and Stylist Awards!

Working with Scarlet was really fun. She's very down to Earth, compassionate, and funny! Her style sense is killer, and her jewelry is beautiful. As someone who is pretty clueless when it comes to fashion, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her pull looks together for her shoot. 

To read the full article from The Pearl, check it out here.  

“I empower people to detox their closets. Get that stuff out of there. Work with what you actually know you love and you’ll be more empowered, creative, and confident.” - Scarlet Chamberlin

Credits -
Model/Stylist: Scarlet Chamberlin
Art Direction: Jess Huang
Photography: Me!