Went with the besties to Seaside, OR for the 4th. We went up North through Washington first and then west to hit up Astoria to grab some eats and drinks at the Fort George Brewery. Luckily, it didn't rain at all the entire time we were there! We checked out some Goonies film locations as well as the Astoria Column. While I did make it to the top, my insane fear of heights won out and I retreated back down. After Astoria, we went past Seaside to stop at Canon Beach to check out Haystack Rock. We returned back to Seaside shortly after and settled in our weird hotel room (surrounded by weird neighbors!) that had some sort of a loft upstairs. 

We spent most of our time boozin' and walking around, including walking to the only movie theatre in town later that night, which was tiny and lacked AC, but that was also part of the charm. We watched The Shallows (all of my shark movie needs were fulfilled!), and then returned to the beach. We built a fire and roasted some sausage while chillin' with the beach waves - it was awesome. 

The following day was the 4th, so naturally, we got up and walked to the movies again to see Independence Day: Resurgence. Which was shitty, but still fun to watch! :P We came back to the hotel, where we were pleased to find that there was a JAWS marathon on tv. Naturally I demanded that we set up a staged photo as well. I was excited because this was light using the Westcott Flexlight. Super dope and high powered mono light. Would be great for video, but was awesome for stills too.

After that we got our cooler and food ready and headed to the beach to claim a spot for fireworks - which were awesome! It got pretty windy, but we started another campfire and ate delicious food. We stayed out until the tide came up and took our fire with it. We had to get up early so that Garrett and I could get to work on time the next day, but the drive home was insanely short, and with lovely scenery. 

TLDR; It was a great trip!